eWEAR Symposium 2020

Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Registration: Ticket for Livestream broadcast
The event will be live-streamed and you will receive a link to attend after registering
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Details: The eWEAR Symposium is one of two annual events intended for eWEAR corporate members and the Stanford University community. The whole day conference highlights research pertinent to wearables by Stanford professors and innovative companies. Campus restrictions on large gatherings due to COVID-19 require the eWEAR Symposium be held as a virtual event.


10:00     Welcome Angela McIntyre (eWEAR Executive Director, host) and Prof. Zhenan Bao (eWEAR Faculty Director, Chemical Engineering)

10:15     Prof. Zhenan Bao (eWEAR Faculty Director, Chemical Engineering) “Sensors for robotic applications and implantable electronics”

10:45     Prof. Monroe Kennedy (Mechanical Engineering – ARMLab) “Considerations for human-robot collaboration”

11:15     Mr. Michael Au (Sonova Group) “The Ears – Route to our hearts”

11:45     Break

1:30       Dr. Walter Greenleaf (mediaX, Virtual Human Interaction Lab) “Biomarkers, wearables, analytics, XR platforms – Converging to personalize therapy for mental healthcare”

2:00       Prof. Carla Pugh, M.D. (General Surgery) “Improving performance of medical trainees with wearables, haptics and analytics”

2:30       Dr. Amit Etkin, M.D. (Alto Neuroscience) “Grounding psychiatry in scalable brain-based biomarkers”

3:00      Break

3:30       Prof. Simona Onori (Energy Resources Engineering) “On advanced battery management systems for lithium-ion batteries”

4:00       Prof. Yi Cui (Materials Science and Engineering) “Materials and design considerations for stretchable batteries”

4:30       Ms. Emma (Yurie) Goto (Nitto Denko) “Adhesive technologies for wearable skin patches”

5:00       Adjourn Angela McIntyre

Zhenan Bao
Prof. Zhenan Bao
Angela McIntyre
Angela McIntyre
Monroe Kennedy
Prof. Monroe Kennedy
Michael Au
Michael Au
Walter Greenleaf
Dr. Walter Greenleaf
Carla Pugh
Prof. Carla Pugh
Amit Etkin
Dr. Amit Etkin
Yi Cui
Prof. Yi Cui
Simona Onori
Prof. Simona Onori
Yurie Goto
Emma “Yurie” Goto