eWear Symposium 2019

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 Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019

 Location: Paul G. Allen Building: 101X Auditorium, Stanford University

The eWEAR Symposium is one of two annual symposia intended for eWEAR corporate members and the Stanford University community. The conference highlights innovations pertinent to wearables and features presentations by Stanford professors, early career scientists, and innovative companies. The poster session provides discussion time with graduate students and postdocs and showcases the breadth of wearables-related research at Stanford.

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Zhenan Bao
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8:00 am      Refreshments and Check In

8:45 am     Angela McIntyre (eWEAR Executive Director) Welcome and Introduction

9:00 am      Zhenan Bao (Stanford Chemical Engineering) Flexible wearable and implantable sensors

9:30 am     Ranndy Kellogg (President and CEO, Omron Healthcare) HeartGuide, wearable blood pressure monitoring

10:00 am   Networking Break

10:30 am    Mintu Turakhia (Stanford Medical School, Center for Digital Health) Generating digital health clinical evidence at scale

11:00 am    Panel Discussion: Translational research for wearables (Mintu Turakhia, Barrett Larson, Paul Yock)

11:30 am    Yuanwen Jiang (Stanford Chemical Engineering) Adhesive and conducting hydrogel enabled electrotrophic smart bandage for wireless wound healing

12:00 pm   Lunch

1:15 pm     Amir Foudeh (Stanford Chemical Engineering)Detection of cortisol in sweat for wearable applications

1:45 pm     Mark Brongersma (Stanford Materials Science and Engineering) Metasurface-based flat optics for wearables and displays

2:15 pm     Caitlin Chapin (Stanford Aero Astro) Emerging applications for gallium nitride

2:45 pm     Networking Break

3:15 pm     Erin MacDonald (Stanford Mechanical Engineering) An approach to evaluate wearable products based on emotions

3:45 pm    Haitong Li (Stanford Electrical Engineering) NanoSystems for edge intelligence 

4:15 pm     Panel Discussion: Emerging use cases for textiles (Meg Grant, Trish Hayes-Danitz)         

4:45 pm     Introduction to Poster Session Research: Postdocs and Grad Students

5:15 pm     Poster Session and Reception