Victor Long

Victor Long holding a dog

eWEAR Advisor

AI entrepreneur, Startup mentor, Focused on pre-seed commercialization of university research

Victor’s specialty is covering the gap of transforming academic research into viable startups, ready for a seed or Series A round of financing.  To this end, Victor brings these skills to demonstrate commercial viability:

  • Work collaboratively with world class scientists to productize their inventions and make the transition from academia to business, in mutually acceptable roles, ranging from founder, management or board member.
  • Leverage significant technological advantage into competitive business advantage via both productization and business model formulation (a subtly difficult, systemic evolving effort).
  • Bring machine learning expertise network to supercharge competitive advantage.
  • Understand and implement beta customer business development to prove commercial viability and de-risk the startup.
  • Identify and recruit key management.

Victor was CEO and Co-Founder of Meta Alpha, a breakthrough price predictive machine learning company.  He co-founded Meta Alpha with Professor Tom Mitchell, the founding chair of the machine learning department at Carnegie Mellon University.  And worked with Bin Zhao, Chief Scientist, who created the time series prediction system.

Victor wrote the first business plan, raised money, performed strategic planning and previously served on the board of directors for ProBusiness Services, a pioneer SaaS (software-as-a-service) company, which was sold to ADP for $ 500 million.  He has had startups in biotech to software to AI.  Previously, Victor assisted David Murdock in researching and investing in large, asset-rich companies involving transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He also was at Concord Partners, Dillon Read’s venture affiliate.

Victor is also a published researcher on China’s venture capital industry, emerging technologies and supply chain management.  

Victor has an MBA from Stanford Business School and BA Engineering from Yale.

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